Internship Project

Will they give the list of project titles through mail or we have to start any project?

@swevel1999 You can start building a filter that promotes the boltIoT training. Here’s one of the idea for a start:

Okay. When you give the submission link I will submit. Thank you.

@swevel1999 You may share the link here itself and we will have it evaluated.

Can you say what link in detail?

@swevel1999 @ashwin.salgaocar will replying to your query soon. Due to the cyclone, he is facing issues.

@swevel1999 You have already received it in detail in the training content. Please check it for more details.

I have submitted my internship project but not get a reply yet.also I have send the AR based filter game to MND x MXR.

Yeah even I submitted and didn’t get reply.

We will follow up with the company to make sure you guys receive a response.

Sir, when will we get the internship certificate?

@kumbharvaishnavi2018 We will be evaluating the projects soon and sharing the feedback regarding the same before 26th June 2021. If the project submitted is good then you will receive the certificate by the date mentioned, otherwise, you will have to improve the project based on our suggestions.

1 st July already and haven’t received the feedback for project.

Yeah same. Still there is no feedback mail.

Hi all, Apologies for missing out on this. We shall share the feedback by this weekend.

Hi all,

The feedback has been shared with you over email. Please check for emails with the subject line: Feedback regarding the Assured Internship of Augmented Reality training.

hi my name is Kushal and the link you have provided is not working,
it shows that "Sorry we couldn’t find that page

@kushallgowda97 Can you share a screenshot along with the link that you are trying to access?

Hi @kushallgowda97. Here is the updated link: