Complete the training and start your Internship Projects

Hi All,

Access all the training content:
We have gone live with the training content on the 31st of March 2021. You can now go through the entire training content and answer the certification exam as well. Once you clear the exam you will receive the certificate of completion.

Assured Internship:
Also, once you complete the training and earn the certificate of completion, you can begin work on your internship project of creating an AR filter that can be used by Bolt IoT for their marketing campaigns. This has to be an Instagram filter that promotes any of the Bolt IoT training or Products(such as the Bolt IoT kit or Robotics Kit). The most creative filter will receive the stipend as mentioned before.

Submission of the Internship Project:
The link to submit this project to us will be given to you by 15th April 2021. Until then, you may proceed in creating the project. Once you submit the project on the 15th of April 2021, we will evaluate it and share our feedback if it needs improvement.