Incomplete content

Hey, I am learning through this training and due to content unavailability i am unable to proceed my learning. How much time it will take to upload all the content ? It was not mentioned earlier that whole content is not uploaded otherwise i could not have paid for the course.


Yeah.It was mentioned March 1 the whole content will be available but it is not.We are waiting for a longer time.

Yeah! they made it look like a really exclusive course, and that’s why I bought it to learn AR as a new aspect skill.
Previously, it was mentioned, the content will be available by 15th Jan
And we reported that content isn’t available, then the date changed to 1st March.
Still not available.
How can you just sell an incomplete course like that?

I didn’t got any replies from the training team. Please reply how more long i have to wait for the full course? We have paid for the whole course and till now content is unavailable. If there is some issue you should atleast respond and make changes accordingly. This is not the way to construct things. If there is issue please refund our amount or else reply.


Same. If this is how you guys treat us… don’t respond to us…give us full content for what we have paid…I will make sure that I give a well detailed review of how things are happening in your course in every social media platform! I will make sure whenever there’s an update for these workshops in my college…I give a detailed review to clg staff and students as well.
So stop making a fool out of us n just give us access to full course for what we have paid!

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@ashwin.salgaocar Reply!!!

Hi All,

Apologies for the delay. We are working on making a section of the content live and you can expect it to go live on the date mentioned in the training.

Now again date has been extended. Please tell me how to get refund of this training as we can take our refund within 10 days. So please tell me the procedure of refund as i didn’t like the training at all as well as the carelessness shown in this training by trainers.

Still It is showing me content will be available from March 1,2021. :frowning:
Really too disappointed!

We are sorry for not having the full content ready yet. Initially, we thought that we could deliver on the mentioned date, but the content creation has taken us more time than we expected.

As you may have seen, the videos have many animations, picture-in-picture effects, enhanced voiceovers, etc., and compiling all of them has pushed our deadline further.

We generally make the training available for registration before the content is entirely ready. It also helps us get an idea if students are interested in learning the topic and getting feedback while working on the content’s reminder. Generally, we can complete the content on time as promised. However, this time, we were not able to do so—apologies.

We are currently working on getting the content ready, and you can expect tutorials for all the projects by 31st March 2021.

We also apologies that we have not been responsive to the forum. We generally reply within one working day. We will ensure that from now on.

Extension of refund period:
Keeping the delay in providing the complete content, we are extending the refund period. If you wish, you may apply for the refund any time from now till 10th April 2021. If you want to get a refund, email us at and we will re-activate your refund. However, keep in mind that we won’t be able to issue a refund once you take the certification test.

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Sir, I have been contacting the support email from the date you mentioned about the extension of the refund period. The only response I have received is “We will check with the team regarding your query and will get back to you.” No further actions ever since.


Your refund has been extended and will be applicable till 26/03/2021. Do let me know if you want a further extension for the same.

Hi All,

Access all the training content:
We have gone live with the training content on the 31st of March 2021. You can now go through the entire training content and answer the certification exam as well. Once you clear the exam you will receive the certificate of completion.

Assured Internship:
Also, once you complete the training and earn the certificate of completion, you can begin work on your internship project of creating an AR filter that can be used by Bolt IoT for their marketing campaigns. This has to be an instagram filter that promotes any of the Bolt IoT training or Products(such as the Bolt IoT kit or Robotics Kit). The most creative filter will receive the stipend as mentioned before.

Submission of the Internship Project:
The link to submit this project to us will be given to you by 15th April 2021. Until then, you may proceed in creating the project. Once you submit the project on the 15th of April 2021, we will evaluate it and share our feedback if it needs improvement.