Different elements in patch editor for project 3

I have installed spark ar v129. In this the template for eyecolor is different than that of the lecture videos. I am attaching the screenshots as follows.

Screenshot of my application

The differences with respect to the one in the lectures are

  1. Different elements in the patch editor.
  2. The lecture has elements such as eyeball_left, eyeball_right, face_tracker and facemesh along with some materials for the meshes by default none of which is available in my screenshot.
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This is the screenshot of the editor in the lecture video

yes…!!! I do have the same problem can someone help me in solving this.

thats is not a problem just follow the process that is usefull for accessing “eyecolor scene” and accessing iris colors only after completion of your process you just delete those pre defined if you dont waht that that is just a theme