Adding eye file in option patch

I think udated spark software dont have option to add eye file.
and layout of pop up box which appear on clicking a option in “option patch” is also change entirely.
Please check on it .
and confirm ASAP.

@sagarjaiswal7229 Can you please elaborate with screenshots. This will help us pinpoint the issue. Please add pointers to the screenshot as well, so that we know what to look for.

1st screenshot : on clicking color icon in option picker patch.

2nd screenshot: This popup should appear as shown in tutorial . which have option to add custom eye image.


3rd screenshot : But in my case this popup appears and it doesn’t have option to select eye color image from device ,and its layout is entirely diffrent.

Please check it ASAP.

@sagarjaiswal7229 Thanks for point this out. We see that this has occurred due to a recent update to the spark AR studio software. We are working on a fix for the project and will let you know once we find it out.

But as an alternative, you could select any solid color instead of uploading an eye image and complete the project. The functionality remains the same. We only use the picture as a reference.

i found an alternate option

minimize your screen and
open your eye lense image like as shown in above snap and
click color in option picker in color choosing click pick screen color and then choose based on iris color A, B, C.

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